Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Period with Paragard

My period came almost as expected. It was about 3 days later than I'm used to, but I was on the NuvaRing for five years and that made my period come like clockwork. With the Paragard, I'm back to whatever my natural schedule is supposed to be. I was a little worried for those three days, because I still haven't seen the doctor and I was worried something went wrong and that I might be pregnant.

But never fear, I guess, it came after all.

I had pretty bad cramps last Friday. Since my cramps have mostly gone away since the insertion, I had a hunch this might be my period. Sure enough, my period started Friday evening. With the NuvaRing, my period cramps were never anything more than a few hours of very (almost unnoticeable) mild cramping. I never even usually took meds for them, that's how uneventful they were. With Paragard, my cramps were definitely noticeable. They didn't make me bedridden, but they were painful and persistent throughout Saturday and Sunday. I took 400mg Ibuprofen pretty regularly those days and that almost completely alleviated the cramping. Monday was a little better, but I still took the Ibuprofen. By Tuesday, I didn't need it and the cramps appeared gone. Also by Tuesday, my period seemed mostly gone. It trailed a little into Wednesday, but that was it, so it didn't really last that much longer than my previous ones.

It was a decent amount heavier, though. I used to exclusively use "regular" tampons, and I probably could've gotten away with one every 12-14 hours if I wanted (and the packaging didn't say not to do that). With this first Paragard period, I upgraded to "super" tampons and thin pantyliners to be safe, and was changing the tampon every 6-8 hours Friday-Monday and it would usually be full. But then it was extremely light on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On a whole, it really wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Also, periods are supposed to get better over time on the Paragard (as your body adjusts to it), so I don't foresee any problems in the future.

I see the doctor for a check-up on Friday - hopefully everything is fine and in place.

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